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Additive Manufacturing / Rapid Prototype

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3D Printing Materials

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Ultra Detail Plastics

Prototypes, Inventions

HD Plastics

Miniatures, Figurines, Paintable

Casting Wax

Jewelry, Casting, Medical

3D Printing Services

Additive Manufacturing / Rapid Prototyping

Cloud 3D Printing

In-house Commercial 3D Printers

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We secure proprietary models

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Our system provides automated pricing


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We automatically analyze to make sure your model is ready for 3D printing.

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Select from multiple materials and get a quote or proceed to check-out.

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We do the 3D Printing and Ship your 3D Printed Model directly to you

Outsourcing Services

Why outsource 3D Printing?


Reduce Operational Costs

Eliminate Equipment and Maintenance cost. Remove ever changing refresh cycles.


Focus on Core Business

3D Printers require precise calibrations and refined post processing methods.


3D Printing Expertise

Operating Commercial 3D Printers requires hard to obtain expertise.

Our News Blog

3D Printing Plastic Waste

Plastic Waste As we watch the news on TV, or read the latest on our mobile devices we are seeing a tremendous amount of plastic waste in our oceans, landfills, and communities. With the rapid advancement in 3D printing and the availability of this technology to almost...

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3D Printing Jewelry

3D printing Jewelry requires an array of 3D printing methods and materials. Different types of jewelry requires an assortment of 3D printing methods and material. Our XHD Frosted materials is great for the silicon mold method, while our 100% wax enables very complex...

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New 3D Printing Casting Wax

New 3D Printing Casing Wax In the next few weeks will be adding a new lost wax casting material. This new material uses the Multjet-Printing (MJP) process exceeding the SLS process because it uses liquid removable support material rather than supports that need to be...

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