New 3D Printing Casing Wax

In the next few weeks will be adding a new lost wax casting material. This new material uses the Multjet-Printing (MJP) process exceeding the SLS process because it uses liquid removable support material rather than supports that need to be trimmed with tools and possibly damage the part. The MJP process also allows for very complex shapes that cannot be created by hand or any other 3D printing process.

This is a Jewelers 3D Printing printer and can be used for anything needing extreme detail. Printing at 16 microns of Z resolution, 1200 dpi for X and 1200 dpi for Y resolution creating the best in the industry!


3D Printing Process



100% wax material melts like standard casting waxes, with negligible ash content in casting. This material is durable for handling and casting fine features, and the high contrast purple color allows for better detail visualization.