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We offer a range of 3D Printing Services that can help your business reduce production development times.


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3D Printers

MultiJet (MJP)

ColorJet (CJP)

Material – High Definition Plastics

Best Uses – Very High Resolution, Complex Geometry, Extreme Details

  • Detail 100%
  • Colors 20%
  • Strength 85%

Material – Sandstone like Material

Best Uses – Full Color Figurines, Scanned Models, Demonstration Models

  • Detail 80%
  • Colors 100%
  • Strength 45%

Details – MultiJet 3D Printing utilizes a UV curable photopolymer that is deposited in layers as little as 16 microns thick. The process produces parts that are incredibly smooth and highly detailed. The parts can be readily painted, machined, drilled or even plated. Prototypes can also be printed as fully assembled pieces, without any additional preparation after the printing is complete.

Details – ColorJet 3D Printing produces full color CMYK photo-realistic 3D Models, perfect for the latest in 3D scanned figurines, professional model shops, architects, consumer product design and development, digital manufacturing, fine art production and more. Color is added directly to the model during the printing process, eliminating the need for painting. The finished parts are hard pottery like with a Sandstone texture.

Stereolithography (SLA)

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

Materials – Clear, Flex, Hi-Impact, Tough

Best Uses – Animation Models, Consumer Goods, Dental, Jewelry, Toys

  • Detail 100%
  • Colors 50%
  • Strength 90%

Materials – Nylon

Best Uses – Parts needing Durability with Flexibility, Moving Parts, Prototypes, Toys

  • Detail 90%
  • Colors 90%
  • Strength 90%

Details – Film and Animation requiring highly detailed models with good surface finish used for visual mock ups. Master patterns, Molding, Snap-Fit items, and assembly applications which require some elasticity.

Details – Complex models that requires flexibility and durability. Mechanical parts, geared parts, articulated objects, ornamental and educational models.

Direct Metal Printing (DMP)

Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM)

Materials – Stainless Steel, Titanium

Best Uses – Die Making, Heat Tolerance, Mechanical Parts, Parts needing Durability and Strength, Tools

  • Detail 90%
  • Colors 0%
  • Strength 100%

Materials – ABS, CPE, PLA, Nylon, TPU

Best Uses – DYI, Hobby, Molds, Prototyping, Test Printing

  • Detail 70%
  • Colors 90%
  • Strength 85%

Details – Ideal technology for aerospace and defense applications. It allows for the production of small and extremely complex shapes with no need for tooling, and it permits dramatically different part design than conventional processes like machining, stamplng or die casting will allow.

Details – FDM 3D Printing uses a plastic filament that is melted in layers to produce a 3D object. The filament come in multiple materials like ABS, PLA, and Nylon to create different durability. The filament also comes in many different colors and the technology is improving to combine colors during printing.