3D Printing Uses

3D Printing Empowers the Next Generation!

Inventors, Makers, Visonary


3D Printing provides Artist a new way to express there designs and ideas like never before. Creating complex shapes, textures and finishes expands upon the creativity like never before.

Hobby & DIY

A new breed of Makers and DIY people now have the ability to create there prototypes in ways never before seen. 3D printing provides and enables Makers new ways to invent and make refinements to there designs in days rather than months.

Jewelry Lost Wax Casting

Create jewelry using CAD design software that enables the creation of complex geomety, evaluation, and quick changes to pieces without the challenges of single use wax carvings.


Doctors can lower costs and time by rapidly creating medical equipment, models, prosthetics, and implants that enable patients to recover faster. Dentist are able to create crowns and bridges in record time with the precision and accuracy improving comfort and fit.


3D Printing Technology Additive Manufacturing process enables manufactures to use the minimum material needed to fabricate a part. A 3D printer could essentially eliminate the process of melting down excess scrap material and wasted resources, ultimately driving down total material costs for the manufacturers.


Researchers use 3D printing to create prototypes and models to help test and present ideas. It improves lab efficiency by enabling the rapid creation of custom-made tools, jigs and fixtures.